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At CVskills, we’re committed to empowering you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your career and beyond. We are dedicated to equipping you with the tools and expertise essential for success in your career.

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Cultivating Success

Our vision is to be a global frontrunner in online professional development, facilitating skill acquisition tailored to specific industries. We are dedicated to empowering individuals across diverse sectors, including healthcare, banking, technology, education, and more, with specialized proficiencies, including career-aligned English courses, for unrivaled career excellence.

Our mission is to design innovative online professional development programs that bridge the gap between traditional education and the needs of contemporary industries. Our meticulously curated range of courses fosters digital literacy, technological prowess, and adaptable skill sets. With a focus on delivering career-aligned English courses, we equip learners with the expertise required not only to navigate, but also to excel within industries such as healthcare, banking, technology, education, and others.

Expertise: Our core strength lies in delivering meticulously crafted content by industry experts, precisely addressing the unique requirements of diverse sectors, including healthcare, banking, technology, education, and more. The prominence of career-aligned English courses underscores our commitment to specialized knowledge and practical skills.

Agility: Agility is embedded in our approach. We are responsive to the changing landscapes of industries, offering flexible, adaptable learning experiences that empower professionals to navigate industry dynamics with finesse.

Innovation: Our platform is an innovation hub, utilizing modern pedagogical methods, interactive tools, and insightful content to create immersive learning experiences that transcend conventional boundaries.

Global Perspective: We cultivate a global mindset by fostering connections and insights across industries. This not only readies professionals for sectoral demands but also equips them to excel in a globally interconnected context.

Continuous Learning: Our platform promotes lifelong learning through a comprehensive array of courses spanning digital skills and competencies, while the emphasis on career-aligned English courses ensures professionals remain relevant in a dynamic job market.

Collaboration: Collaborative solutions are essential for complex challenges. We collaborate with industry leaders and organizations to ensure our content remains applicable, practical, and aligned with the specific needs of each sector.

Ethical Responsibility: In an era of technological advancement, we nurture ethical practices. Our learners are equipped to leverage technology responsibly, aligning their contributions with the ethical landscape of their respective industries.

Results-Driven: We measure success by the tangible outcomes achieved – the real-world application of knowledge, the transformative impact on careers, and the contributions our graduates make to their industries.

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We’ll keep you on the path to success

CVskills understands that the best predictor of success is the amount of time learners spend immersed in English, so we’ve designed a multi-channel, data-driven approach to keep learners engaged and advancing toward their goals.


Performance Dashboard

With visibility into performance data, learners can track progress while building the specific skills they need to improve proficiency, one level at a time.


More Engaged Learners

We keep learners engaged and highly motivated with engagement messages and smart reminders via email.


Dedicated Learner Support

Our team of dedicated Learner Support specialists are available by email, phone and live chat to encourage and support learners in reaching their goals.


Why People Trust Us

At CVskills, we take pride in being your trusted partner in remote teaching. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to empowering educators and learners set us apart. With a team of experienced professionals and a passion for fostering growth and knowledge, we strive to create a seamless and enriching remote learning experience for all. Explore the exceptional features we offer below and discover why countless educators and learners put their trust in CVskills.

Affordable pricing

We offer affordable courses and certifications to make education accessible to all.

Career-focused training

Our courses provide practical, hands-on training for students to succeed in their chosen careers.

Flexible learning options

We provide flexible learning options, including self-paced courses, live classes, and on-demand resources.

Convenient scheduling

24/7 access to course materials and resources allows for convenient scheduling.


Learners can access their performance dashboard any time to track proficiency and performance, as well as gain insight into recently learned words, phrases, and much more. A detailed view of specific performance markers makes visibility into previous assessment scores and progress even easier.

What People Say About Us

Raed Rabbaa

“As an Industrial Engineer, I craved a unique way to master English. CVskills delivered with interactive lessons, cultural insights, and quirky challenges that made learning a blast! Now, I speak confidently in the boardroom and on global escapades. Thanks, CVskills, for this exhilarating language journey!”

“CVskills has been a game-changer for me as the Managing Director at Madant Engineering. Their personalized approach and industry-specific content improved my communication with clients and colleagues. I now feel more confident and effective in my role, and I highly recommend CVskills to anyone seeking to enhance their English skills. Thank .”
Suhair Amareen
Managing Director
“I highly recommend it, especially for those who do not have a set schedule to attend a course. The website provides various interactive classes around the clock, as well as several topics according to interests (business, sports, arts, tourism, politics). You can also use the recorded lessons to focus on certain themes such as (Business writing...)."
Rana Alrobbi
Principal of School
“it was a very good experience, a variety of topics in several fields, the beauty of the experience is that it breaks the barrier of fear of conversation and is available at any time to suit anyone, and the sessions are short and comfortable.”

Dunya Khalid Al Waked

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